African Activists for Climate Justice

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Connect with other climate activists , experts and passionnate individuals on "Power to Voices app" beyond #COP28 and be part of the change!
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About us

The African Activists for Climate Justice Project, led by PACJA, unites five dynamic consortium partners—AYC, FEMNET, OXFAM NOVIB, NATURAL JUSTICE, and PACJA—each with strategic strengths in youth mobilization, women-led advocacy, resilient community building, amplifying African narratives, and locally driven adaptation initiatives. We passionately connect grassroots communities to regional and global processes, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our goal: a powerful and lasting climate action footprint.

Join our Movement!

Amidst governmental attempts to silence climate activists, the AACJ program has launched “Power to Voices,” a remarkable digital platform empowering social justice advocates across Africa. This secure alternative to mainstream social media shields activists from censorship, fostering networking, campaign support, and knowledge sharing. The new mobile app version adds flexibility, enabling activists to amplify their voices for climate justice anytime, anywhere, and strengthening the global activist community. Join us in this revolutionary movement for a more equitable and just world.

Our Locally led actions

The AACJ program has been at the forefront of locally led climate action in Africa, empowering communities and driving change across the continent. Through a range of impactful interventions, including awareness campaigns, capacity-building workshops, and engagement with decision-makers, AACJ has successfully raised awareness about the urgent need for climate justice. By mobilizing and empowering diverse segments of society, including women, young people, and influential entities, AACJ has fostered a sense of collective responsibility and collaboration in addressing the impacts of climate change. With a focus on sustainability and scalability, AACJ’s efforts have laid the foundation for long-term resilience, adaptation, and mitigation strategies, ensuring a more just and sustainable future for Africa and its people.

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