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Nairobi Summer School On Climate Justice: Investing In The Next Generation To Make The Case For Climate Justice On The Global Stage

Nairobi Summer School On Climate Justice: Investing In The Next Generation To Make The Case For Climate Justice On The Global Stage

Young people risk losing the most from climate change, yet they are systematically excluded from conversations to address it.Education systems around the world are also not providing young people with the tools, mindsets, and skills they’ll need to mitigate and adapt to climate change, nor with spaces to raise their voices on the issue. In other words, Governments, institutions, and education systems are, so far, fundamentally failing our youth on climate change.

Nairobi summer school

The Nairobi summer school of climate justice (NSSCJ) envisions a future where all young African people are equipped with the tools, mindsets, and skills to collectively mitigate the climate crisis, promote climate justice and build resilience in the face of climate change. NSSCJ aims to help bring high-quality, locally rooted climate and environmental sustainability knowledge to young people.

Seeking to equip young people with policy-tracking, communications, advocacy and campaigning skills, Nairobi Summer School of Climate Justice is the result of an initiative developed by the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance. Supported by the African Activists for Climate Justice (AACJ) Program , this initiative, developed by the Pan African Climate justice Alliance (PACJA) comes as world leaders look to build on the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement to curb global temperatures, which was signed at COP 21 in France

Over 700 young people form from 41 countries in Africa have been trained in COHORT 1 & 2

During the Launch of the NSSCJ THIS FRIDAY 17TH March At Kenyatta University, Dr. Mithika Mwenda said: “Young climate leaders must be equipped with the necessary skills to better influence policy outcomes and meaningfully engage their peers in climate action. The generous support given by our partners shows that young people are not mere beneficiaries, but are actors and partners to achieving climate justice.”

Along Dr Mithika, Joseph Gatama Gichini, the Acting Deputy Director of National Research Fund in the Ministry of Education Minister stated that the NSSCJ would prove to be a valuable resource for young climate advocates. “I look forward to seeing this group of young people becoming active advocates to influence policy outcomes at national and international levels, and to make their views heard, especially in the perspective of the forthcoming COP 28 due to be held in Dubai in November this year.”

Prof Waceke Wanjohi, Deputy Vice chancellor at Kenyatta University, “This is an innovative and youth-friendly framework that was developed, for young people. It will serve as a key resource for information on climate change science, impacts, and negotiations for 2023 and beyond. We deeply believe in the ability of young people to be key actors and agents of positive change. Kenyatta University will continue to support youth-led initiatives that promote the well-being and human rights of our citizens, and ensure young people have the opportunities they need for the future” said Mrs. Wanjohi.

Nairobi Summer school proves that investing in the next generation around the world, empowering young people to make the case for climate justice on the global stage and make their communities more climate resilient through action areas is also an investment in the future of our communities , Africa and the World.

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