African Activists for Climate Justice

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Empowering Floods’victims through literacy and Adult Education

Visão Juvenil, within the scope of the African Activists for Climate Justice programme, offered today a kit of material on Literacy and Adult Education, for a group of women who are in areas affected by the floods in the city of Maputo.

This action is part of the process of creating a movement of women and young people in favor of climate justice, it being essential to invest in Literacy and Adult Education so that they can know how to defend their rights and fulfill their duties. The material will benefit around 30 women, residents in Magoanine neighbourhood, Kamubukwane district.

The workshop took a place in Maputo city, with delegates from Mozambique and Angola, working in different institutions, highlighting Governmental, Academia and Civil Society Organizations. The workshop was organized by UNESCO Regional Office.

Participation in the National Policy Dialogue on Education for Sustainable Development in Mozambique and Angola, which took place in Maputo on the 4th and 5th of April.

In the workshop Visão Juvenil shared its experiences in the policies advocacy of National and international level as well as all programs within the scope of ESD and Climate Change, highlighting the African Activists for Climate Justice Program…

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