African Activists for Climate Justice

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Sahel Youth Leading the Charge for Climate Justice

Sahel Youth Leading the Charge for Climate Justice

In the arid landscapes of the Sahel, where climate change and conflict converge, Oxfam Novib and its partners have intensified their commitment to bolster youth-led organizations at the forefront of the battle for climate justice. Amid the escalating urgency posed by climate-related challenges, the young climate activists of Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Senegal are boldly confronting their governments, demanding immediate action to protect the environment and seek justice for the losses and damages inflicted upon the most vulnerable communities, who bear the least responsibility for environmental pollution. 

Burkina Faso 

In Burkina Faso, Oxfam Novib collaborates closely with organizations such as the Network of Youth Negotiators. As part of preparations for COP 28, they worked in tandem with these youth negotiators to review the global Paris Agreement on climate financing. Their assessments of progress and expectations played a pivotal role in shaping the national climate agenda. Nacanbo Yam-Biga Kévin Sini, a dedicated youth negotiator, emphasized the critical role of climate finance, stating, “Climate finance stands as an unprecedented cornerstone for addressing the challenge of this century.” 

Tientega Wendpayangdé Dimitri, the founder and Executive Director of the Association of Young Energy Actors, emphasized the strength in unity among young voices, saying, “The quest for climate justice gains momentum when young voices unite. Our commitment embodies hope for a future where sustainability and equity harmoniously coexist for our planet.” 


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