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Applications Now Open for the 8th Edition of the ACCER Awards!

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) with the support of the African Activists for climate justice is thrilled to announce that applications for the 7th edition of the African Climate and Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Awards are now open. This prestigious award has been recognizing and celebrating exceptional journalism in climate and environmental reporting since 2013. 

The ACCER Awards have become a cornerstone in the field of environmental journalism in Africa, honoring those who bring critical stories to light, challenge the status quo, and drive public engagement and policy change. This year’s theme, “Advancing Accountability for Adaptation Finance for Enhanced Resilience, Climate Justice, and Equity,” underscores the vital role that transparency and effective resource allocation play in addressing the multifaceted impacts of climate change. 

Journalists, media organizations, and independent content creators are invited to submit their work for consideration. The awards will recognize outstanding contributions in various categories, including: 

– Best Climate Change Coverage in Print Media 
– Best Climate Change Coverage in Broadcast Media 
– Best Investigative Journalism on Climate Change 
– Best Opinion/Commentary on Climate Change 
– Best Coverage of Local Climate Change Issues 
– Best Use of Data in Climate Change Reporting 
– Young Digital Activists 
– Emerging Digital Voices 

Applicants are encouraged to submit stories that not only report on climate finance and adaptation but also critically analyze the effectiveness of policies, highlight innovative financial solutions, and bring to light the voices of those most impacted by climate change. Submissions for the 8th edition of the ACCER Awards will be accepted until the 6th of August, 2024.  

This year, we aim to amplify the efforts of journalists who shine a light on the crucial issue of adaptation finance. We seek to unearth stories that reveal where the money goes, who benefits, and who remains underserved. Through their lens, we hope to see the fight for equity, justice, and what’s right. 

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