African Activists for Climate Justice

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The Consortium

Strengthening an inclusive African movement mobilized to advance climate justice, and offer solutions for a more sustainable future


Our Work

Climate Justice Activist Network PACJA brings together over 1000 African organizations from 48 countries. PACJA has been at the forefront of advancing climate justice in Africa for over 10 years, using evidence-based advocacy to shape and improve policies and laws on natural resource management, and supporting local communities to develop climate change adaptation

Natural Justice (NJ) works with 24 partners in 10 countries in Africa and uses legal empowerment, research, litigation and advocacy to stand with indigenous and local communities as they defend themselves and their ecosystems against environmental impacts caused by climate change and harmful extractive and infrastructure developments.

FEMNET is a pan-African feminist network that brings together 800 members in 43 countries in Africa. It is strategically positioned as a convener and dialogue facilitator, enabling women and girls to claim, affirm and use their collective power to end all forms of exclusion, oppression, exploitation and injustices against them.

Oxfam Novib has 65 years of advocacy and campaign experience. Working in alliance with local allies and people’s movements, it has advocated, and supported numerous actions and initiatives for climate accountability, funding for systemic climate solutions and support for communities least able to adapt. More recently it has built thought leadership on navigating restricted or changing civic space.

The African Youth Commission (AYC) is an implementing partner, playing a key role in bringing more young people on board to raise awareness on climate change and influence national governments to implement climate-related projects in a transparent manner that benefits young people. The network also sees a vital role for youth in Africa to contribute to the development of practical solutions and efforts to enhance the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. The AYC has 228 members in 46 countries on the African continent