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Key Takeaways from the AACJ Project Coordination Meeting

Key Takeaways from the AACJ Project Coordination Meeting

The African Activists for Climate Justice (AACJ) Global Coordination Meeting, a significant annual assembly, recently concluded, leaving a trail of inspiration, strategic roadmaps, and a reinforced commitment towards achieving climate justice across Africa. This pivotal gathering brought together consortium partners, including PACJA, OXFAM Novib, FEMNET, Natural Justice, and the Africa Youth Commission (AYC), alongside stakeholders from eight African countries and representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting served as a  platform to discuss sustainability, review progress through the Mid-Term Review (MTR), reflect on COP29 outcomes, and strategize for the future.

Sustainability at the Forefront

A key focus of the meeting was sustainability—ensuring the longevity and impact of the project at national, regional and continental level. Discussions revolved around embedding sustainable practices within all aspects of AACJ’s work, from project design to implementation, emphasizing the need for projects to be resilient and adaptable to the changing climate landscape.

Mid-Term Review Insights

The MTR was a cornerstone of the meeting, providing an invaluable opportunity to assess the consortium’s progress, challenges, and lessons learned. It offered a transparent evaluation of the achievements and areas needing improvement, setting the stage for informed decision-making and strategic planning moving forward.

COP29: A Reflection and Strategy Session

Reflections on COP29 were central to the dialogue, with participants analyzing the outcomes and implications for AACJ’s future work. The discussions underscored the importance of aligning AACJ’s strategies with the global climate agenda, ensuring that African voices are heard and contribute significantly to international climate negotiations.

Crafting the Communique

The culmination of the meeting saw the drafting of a powerful communique, encapsulating the essence of the discussions, commitments, and the collective vision moving forward. This document serves as a testament to the consortium’s dedication to the success of the implementation of the project and outlines the strategic priorities and actions for the coming year.

Diverse Participation: The Key to Rich Dialogues

The diversity of participants, including experts, activists, and representatives from various sectors, enriched the discussions, bringing a wide range of perspectives and expertise to the table. This inclusive approach fostered a holistic view of the challenges at hand and innovative solutions for addressing them.

Looking Ahead

As the AACJ Global Coordination Meeting concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and urgency. The strategies and insights garnered from the assembly are set to guide the consortium’s actions, as it continues to advocate for and implement impactful climate justice initiatives. With a clear vision, a robust strategy, and a united front, the AACJ consortium is more prepared than ever to drive forward the climate justice agenda in Africa and beyond, ensuring that sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience are at the heart of its endeavors.


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